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Why Buy Soundcloud Followers?

For musicians, bands, DJs, and producers on the internet, no platforms offer the opportunity to grow your listener base like Soundcloud. It’s one of the best ways for independent artists to get started and make their own way, with the most successful creators able to attract followings in the tens of millions.

Unfortunately, it’s very common for most up-and-coming artists to go unnoticed on the platform. Some get discouraged and give up entirely before ever gaining traction. As valuable a platform as Soundcloud can be, it really only benefits those who can gain an audience effectively.


Positive Social Proof Is Good For Your Music

There’s no denying the importance of popularity. There are many existing creators on Soundcloud and music fans are spoiled for choice. Only the most dedicated listeners of a genre will delve into completely unknown musicians with no following. So if you have no followers and no listens on any of your tracks, you likely won’t even appear on most people’s radar.

On the other hand, if potential listeners can see other people enjoying your music, then that can serve as the catalyst that gets them curious about it too.


Offer A Surge Of Momentum To A New Release

If you’ve got a new track or album dropping, then you don’t want to wait for it to start slowly getting discovered and shared around online. A surge of popularity through real Soundcloud followers reposting and sharing your songs can help shine the spotlight on a new release, which can be enough to draw more organic listeners to the track.

No one can promise whether or not a song will go viral — that’s down to the music itself and how well it’s marketed. It’s widely believed that social media algorithms favor songs that get a lot of engagement immediately upon release. Without that boost from listeners in the initial stages to help bring it to the spotlight, your chances of going viral are greatly diminished.


It Supports Your Existing Marketing Efforts

If you’re a Soundcloud artist looking to get heard, you want to do anything you can to get people to click on your profile and check out your songs. So when you’re sharing your music on social media, posting in on forums and blogs, etc., having a healthy number of engaged, real followers will encourage other potential listeners from these different traffic sources to take the next step and view to your work.


Attract Influencers, Publishers, and Reviewers

Tastemakers play an important role in helping a lot of artists get discovered. The average listener may not spend much time looking for new artists, but they trust blog owners and social media influencers who spend time scouring Soundcloud for new music that they can shine a spotlight on.

Whether or not these people like your music is down to their tastes and your talents. However, getting spotted out of the thousands of new artists getting on the platform every month is all about showing them that your music is worth noticing. Having a healthy base of followers, listens, and comments on your music could be exactly the motivation that influencers, publishers, and reviewers need to take a closer look at your music in the first place.


Buying Soundcloud Followers From The Right Providers

It can be easy to ‘get it wrong’ when paying for Soundcloud followers, despite the possible advantages. Some social media marketing companies are vague or downright dishonest about where they get the followers that link to your account. You should always question how these companies purport to get you these followers. If the explanation is vague or not given at all, chances are they could be fake ‘bot’ followers.


Should You Buy Soundcloud Followers?

If you want to get your music noticed, getting followers on all social media platforms should be a serious area of focus in your overall marketing plan.

If you’re ready to get new listeners to your music on Soundcloud specifically, buying real Soundcloud followers will help get you new fans directly while also enhancing your image to attract more followers in the future.